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Only In Your State

12 Restaurants You Have To Visit In Northern California Before You Die

Excerpted from July 6, 2016 article by Joanne Kraft

One thing us Northern Californians are known for is our impeccable love of food. We can be pretty pretentious foodies and we deserve that title. Our part of the state makes some of the best food, grows the best produce and produces the most delicious wine in the world. If you haven’t tried a few of these restaurants yet, we think you should. It’s not always the most expensive places that make you want more–sometimes the little hole in the wall establishments are even better.


2. Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay

Sam's Chowder House Lobster Clambake

There are a whole lot of folks who make sure to stop here every single time they’re in the area. It’s not much to look at, which makes it all the more adorable. Want some authentic seafood and chowder? Stop by Sam’s.

Sam's Chowder House ocean view fire pit view